Friday, October 16, 2009


(Alberto Ruggieri)

So I got another flatmate! (wasn't too happy with previous residents, so decided too move to our flat). That makes three of us.

I was just wondering about. The people that I know arround my accomodation: one with Indian background, one with Chinese background, one with Brazilian background, one with Zambian background, and offcourse some Britisch people. They all have lived in the UK much longer than me though, my English is worst by far.

There should be one more person moving in (doubt that he/she will actually show up).
That will have to be someone russian/arabic.. interesting

On another note, there's no apple-sauce to be found arround here!
Apparently it isn't too hard to make your own.
(kind of forgot about the picture 'till halfway the meal)
(Tom Proost)

Test audio-theory tomorrow!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Laundry day

Now, that's a first..

After revising some DIY notes I loaded two washer loads, two dryer loads followed inevitably.
Cost: £ 6,4 / 2 weeks. That's gonna add, but there's not really much you can do about it can you?

My ironing pieces-per-hour-rate isn't up to standards yet, but we'll cope.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

On diversion

Interesting situations while riding the bus:
Here's the thing: my line is suffering from diversions, there are road works going on all over the route. That doesn't seem to be any problem when trying to get downtown, however, when I try to get back to my flat the following happens about every other three times:

(female voice) "-pling- this bus is going on diversion, please listen for further announcements"
(driver) "R....St... Road is going, we pass by ... with ... , make sure to .... fish .... thank you"
(all passengers start looking at each other, nobody éver gets what the driver is saying)
(passenger 1 goes to the driver) "I'm sorry sir do you go to x?"
(driver gets annoyed because he just announced and reacts in a way so that passenger 1 gets annoyed, he/she then starts complaining too other passengers)
(a few passengers wake up from there Ipod and realise the bus is on diversion, this results in panic and further driver annoyance)
(...this goes on...)

Three times out of ten the bus will suddenly circle round in the middle of its traject and start driving the route in the opposite direction.. right.

I managed to get home every time (there are a lot of busses), but it's always kind of an adventure whenever a diversion is announced.

Made tortillas and risotto (with the downstair neigbour).
Most vegetables in a risotto ever. It was very nice.