Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day off

What a plan.

Stayed in bed till half past ten, set up my guitar, had lunch, went to the store to get vegetables, cooked (rosmary-thym-potatoes with turkey and tomato sauce).

By the way, the biscuits around here aren't what you would expect. It's not just biscuit, its two biscuits patched together by a generous layer of pure butter. Just one will make your hunger disappear.

I was about to do the dishes when the fire alarm went off in the flat-block next door, which seems to be a convenient way to get to know people.
It was arround 20pm. Right now (three hours later) it's still doing it's thing.. I guess the dishes will have to wait 'till tomorrow.

As you might notice, I've got to much time on my hands. This will very likely end when my course starts on monday. Untill then I'll be on vacation.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Right thén left

Basic rule for getting arround: first look right, then left, first right, thén left.
I keep on repeating it in my head, and I keep on forgetting it when crossing..

2 goals for today:
- finally opening an UK bank account for financials
- doing the 'tourist' thing

Goal one didn't go as planned as the local branch kept having computer problems. I was sent over to another branch, had to fill out a form, they will get in touch when the system will be able to properly process my enquiery..
If it was possible to send me an e-mail? No, we don't use the internet, we'll give you a call on your cell phone. London banking '09 for you all.

Goal two was much more of a joy. I took the piccadilly tube to covent garden where I mingled with the tourists.

That's what you call a classic london-shot for you. After covent garden my battery died so below you can see all the photos of my tour..

After covent garden I went to St. Paul's cathedral, walked the millenium bridge, saw the tower bridge, had a look at tate modern and ate my lunch trying to find finsbury park (got lost in the neigbourhood and returned because of tired feet). Talking about a london's day out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally some talking

After shopping for a cell phone that actually works and some kitchen equipment (3 pans at the cost of £3!), I got to work on my first self-made UK supper. As a student with attention for tradition I didn't have a choice but to prepare pasta with red tomato sauce, hard to fail isn't it?

In the evening I finally got to meet some of my fellow classmates (a pre-course meeting at the college's local pub "the mukey pup"). I predict it's gonna be a lot of fun overcoming the language handicaps, all nice guys though. I'm getting kind of tired shouting 'hello' once a day to get a sound reflection of the wall so the meeting was kind of a relief.(I still need to get the hang of those night shots, this was the best one out of 3..)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


As I only had been talking to the receptionist today I was in need of some social activity.
Not knowing anyone or anything in the neigbourhood I walked into the nearest pub and tried my first cider ever. Not bad at all! (fiew).
As I sat in the pub I noticed that the urban spoken language isn't what I expected. A lot of quick, muffled sentences spoken with gestures, laughter and real english charisma.. I've got a lot of learning to do, I understood merely half of the conversation.

The suburb I live in consists of mostly black folks. I have no problem with that at all, It's just a strange place to walk arround sometimes.

Did some shopping, did some research, had a lager beer (stella export 4%, it's not really what you expect.. but what did you expect really?), ate a burger with fries (it makes a meal for £2,99, but not twice a week please..), and well, the camera works.


Wel wel,

Started my journey at 10am, clocked in at 14pm local time.
Not bad at all, the underground system can be kind of puzzling at first though..

After walking in the wrong direction twice (with a fair amount of luggage following me arround) I eventually found my accomodation.
Nice flat, nice room, kitchen untouched, fridges empty, no roommates to be seen..

Wonder when they will arrive (thought I was gonna be last, never met them, hope they will show up).

Next stop: unpacking, figuring out how the camera that I lent works, having a walk in the neighbourhood, .. and eating offcourse

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Way to start

Always being in controle probably means you never try for something completely different..

I'm leaving Belgium and my present life behing for a year.
Leaving for London in t minus 3 days