Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alchemea recordings

Sometimes we end up as musicians instead of recording engineers, sometimes we end up as both, some of the early alchemea recordings:

Wel Hey (master) by judasproost

Recording from part I. Featuring me and TK
Re-recording an old song I once wrote.

Happy song (HD Mixed and Mast) by proosttom

Alchemea concept-recording, 'The one night band' song written in the moment.
Tim Wheeler on vocal/bas, Guy Dean on drums, Tom Proost on guitar/vocal. It's quite funny when English people do backing vocals on your Dutch lyrics..

I might end up making a more composed version of the same song later on, but for now..

NOT mixed/edited by me!!

Good fun.

Amazing mixing lecture last week, learned so much, feel like I have to re-do everything I've done..

Monday, March 1, 2010

The riddle of experience vs. memory

As promised. -only for TED-fanatics-

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Faith 'n' Fury

Sometime last weekend I went to see faith'n'fury, a band we recorded at Alchemea. It was gonna be easy. Outside of London though, we would take a coach the band arranged from Dartford. My classmate TK reassured me she was gonna get me back home without any problems, little did I know..

Maybe you could tell from the picture above (unlikely), but it's Southend-on-Sea. Yes indeed, I was at the beach.. the venue appeared to be just a bit further than I anticipated.

Saw the band, they put on a nice show. The gig ended, we got a cab to the train station, missed our last train, hiked along with the band (very lucky) 'till somewhere down in South-London. London is much bigger than I thought.. Had to wait for a long time in the cold for some night bus to show up. No idea just where about we where..(on the bus, still reasonably high spirits, still early)

To cut a long story short: it took us another 2 buses to figure out where we where in London, walk another half an hour, wait another hour to catch the N73, direction seven sisters. Pretty cold, pretty tired. Left home at 5.20pm, got back at 4.20pm. Last time I trust TK on taking me to a gig 'just a bit outside of London'.

I did see the sea though. Surprisingly black.

You know, when sometimes you are really completely happy with something you did?
This the mix I did with the fait'n'fury multitrack we recorded, the first time I'm pretty satisfied with my work.
3-piece band. 10 guitar tracks, 3 vocal tracks, 1 bass track, 8 drum tracks, multi-tape and a Big SSL-G desk, you can hear the noise coming from tape. Some puzzling, it's hard not to mud up the guitars, but I managed.

StartAtTheEnd ProostMix by proosttom
(mind you, it's just the mp3-version)

On wildlife photography outside my room window:
Camera a bit slow for the real money shot, but still.

Egg fried noodles recipe:

  • boil some real china-town noodles
  • get some peas going with mushrooms and onions in sesame oil
  • add the noodles and start stir frying
  • add some koriander, black pepper and soja sauce
  • pore over one stirred egg
Easy and delicious