Friday, October 23, 2009


You should try having a conversation about this webcommunity without any nearby listeners getting the wrong ideas..

Benjamin Zander, inspirational.
Remembered this TED-talk because I had my very own 'Benjamin Zander' teaching music theory for the past week. Mat McKinley, yes he's really That good.
Most interesting theory lessons ever.

Should anyone be interested in getting there head screwed, just click, sit back, listen and wonder:



Keys to the castle

Mm, a few days without blogging, might happen.

Not much worthwhile going on. Trying to keep on top of studying and living in general..
Was planning to take some pictures, but batteries only allow 5 shots after every re-charge, I'm trying to get hold of new ones.

Bought the great "Bob Dylan, no direction home: the soundtrack", recommended!

Thought I lost the key to my 'castle' yesterday, couldn't find them anywhere (2 minutes before I had to leave, figures). The thing is, if I lose my keys I won't be able to get in for at least an hour (I would probably have to call some accomodation emergency number, even then it would take a while. Service arround here isn't exactly beating any clocks). I would have to cross 2 closed gates, 1 closed hall door, 1 closed flat door, 1 closed room door.. you get the idea.

Note to self: néver lose key.
(Offcourse I found them in an unchecked pocket after some frantic minutes)

Rissotto for four. I'm betting we had our weekly share of vegetables in one day..
(without any vishy things, veggies, there's no point arguing)

Monday, October 19, 2009


Yesterday evening we where going to make dinner (pasta offcourse) with some people from downstairs. That was gonna be it.

Instead arround 6 the fire alarm went of (again), in every room (imagine the constant loudness of a train passing by in every room). So we had to stand in the cold for about an hour (!) before the fire department came to shut it down. If there's ever a real fire going on.. actually it's not even funny.

Made pasta for 5 instead of 2/3 people, luckily we have an industrial-sized stash of dry pasta.
Talking 'till 1 am.

So much for doing anything else, but it was worth it.

On another note, these are the posters hanging on the advertising boards in my neighbourhood and all over the city (probably wherever there aren't any tourists).
"This campaign targets the small minority who break the law" - Home Office minister David Hanson
Makes you think.