Thursday, October 1, 2009

ebay and selling and bank accounts

Recently I've been trying to sell an item on ebay.

Seems reasonably easy in these modern times. Wel, it is, except when your current maestro has an account in Belgium.
Moving and selling, it's not what you'd expect.

Nothing much to post recently really, think I'm gonna take my camera to school and show off some of our classrooms.

Forms, forms, questions, landphones asked that you never had... jolly good fun

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fighting temptations

Today I found out about a record store located about 2 minutes from my college.

It's not just the kind of everyday-only-top50-don't-Really-care-about-what-we're-selling music store. It's the kind of store where I could go and spend 5 hours in a row discovering discount-cd's and records I always wanted to buy but never really found.
The kind of retro "real" record store (they even sell vinyl). It's called -flash back-

That's gonna be fighting temptations.. well, things could be worse.

Still no sign of any flat mates at all, wonder if they will ever show up.
Let's listen to music, let's have a drink, let's watch some tv, let's go to sleep. (really tired)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's go to school

Well, today at 10am I visited my school for the first time. I gotta say, there's a really great atmosphere going on there. The classes have a maximum size of about 10 and there are teachers and staff available 24/7! On top of that they all seem to be véry capable and driven, what more could you ask for? Alltough that's all very nice, there are some drawbacks..

My theory lessons start at 3pm, that's all fine. My practical sessions start at 6am.. now that's a whole different story.

Guess I'm just gonna get used to that. Not this week though, my first practical sessions start next week (fiew).

On another note: some guys came by tonight asking me if I wanted to get a drink. They were staying in the block next door and where having a meeting night with all the guys that were on the same course (not mine). I joined them anyway and finally had some more people to talk to. Really a nice bunch.

Did I cook today?

Offcourse I did:
(today, noodles with chinese veg's and some mixed beef)

(yesterday, tortellini with turkey. It didn't tast as I expected it to do though)