Saturday, November 13, 2010

the uselessness

the uselessness' latest rehearsal recording.
Mix still a bit rough but usable.

BeautifullGirl Nuttelozen v2 by JudasProost

Available for download to get your day started on a bright note!


I've given up on trying to explain the current situation in Belgium without using this clip in proper "hitchhikers' guide to the universe"-style.

Even for me it's hard to keep track of what's actually going on. Outside of Belgium nobody seems to know about the Belgian crisis.

Going on

To give an idea of stuff going on.
F.e the last few days:

  • Sunday: 9am-5pm monitors lecture + practice at the Village Underground (north London)
  • Monday: 9am-5pm monitors practical live band at the Village Underground, 8.30pm-late going out to see 'climate chaos in the south' with L at the Austrian Cultural forum (west London)., nice but not super.
  • Tuesday: 9am-5pm 'putting is all together' at Islington (Angel), 7 pm-late going out to see 'Flanders remembers concert' at the Royal hospital chapel with posh reception afterwards (Chelsea). String quartet + singers + a lot of Flemish people.
  • Wednesday: 9am-4pm 'faultfinding' at Islington (Angel). 6pm-late Work experience at Alexandra palace with AbbyRoad liveherenow (have had better ones before)
  • Thursday: visitors! from Belgium the Haa! Bringing adapters, beer and ginger bread! Spend the whole day running 'round London like mad men (Baker St, Camden, pub, f&c at Islington, Thames South bank walk, Brixton..), rather tiring.
  • Friday: getting up early to go and have a walk at Hyde park with Mr and Ms C. Getting lost in the park. Rushing into practice time at Alchemea, rushing on to do work experience at The jamm in Brixton 'till late. We got thrown in, had to build the PA and mix 2 bands all by ourselves, Very stressful but worthwile.
  • Today: Getting up early for practice session at Islington, grocery shopping, getting home and crashing on the couch. Watching TV and writing blog..
  • Tomorrow:
It's not always like this, but overall pretty busy. You know when sometimes it all seems to be relentless and you can barely remember what you did the day before but you know you had a good time?

Next time I'll try for more details and less boring listings. I have to get the camera up and running again as well because this macbook thing isn't up to scratch.


End of blog part I