Monday, February 15, 2010


"Live each day as if it is your last," said Mahatma Ghandi.
"Learn as if you'll live forever."

'And now for something completely different':
SuzyAlone by judasproost
Made in a jam-session with fellow Alchemea classmates, mixed from tape on the SSL G-Series. Recordings started late and ended early.. I play the guitar on the right. Only listenable when relaxed or in need of relaxing (I guess). We where really pleased with the result of our fiddling-around.

Yes, I know, I over-compressed this one.. that's what people expect these days.

Just as a measure of comparison, I put up the original version. Note that the drums 'pop' much more (although they are, strangely enough, mixed with compressed drums), there is a lot more dynamic going on. You would be able to see it on the wave-form, if the song wasn't so long.
Altough, even this version is compressed.
SusyAlone original squashed by judasproost

The real original is below (and even this one is ever-so-slightly compressed using the SSL-console)
SusyAlone original comp by judasproost

-pleas make note that you are listening to MP3s !!!, not proper WAV-files-

On another note:
I am 'enjoying' the results of an £8 hair-cut. Happy for what you could expect fort £8. Short, but it will grow back, that's what it usually does anyway.