Thursday, February 4, 2010

A short history

Finished it last week, now looking for something new, thanks to WS for pointing this book out to me.
Great book, makes you wonder about nearly everything. Nice writing style although sometimes the translation into dutch has some bugs. Recommended (can be lend on request).

Looking for something scientific/philosophical, if anyone has got suggestions, you know where to find me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

TED2010 Associate Member

I managed to get enough translations done for to get a TED2010 Associate Membership!

Which means: I'm gonna be able to get a live-stream from the actual TED event in Long beach, California!!

(this is probably the closest I'll be coming to witnessing this for a long time, actually taking part will cost you about 6k..)

-pleased, to say the least-


It's been quite cold in London (again) for a few days now.

I'm also having quite a bad cold. So, went to the pharmacy (housed in supermarkets or are a part of big brands around here), got my stuff, trying to get it out of my system. At the moment, I'm not succeeding.

Finished the day with a boost of vitamine C etc (oranges, fruits, thee, honey, you name it).
2 lemons down, 7 to go.. (they where on sale, it's like they knew)

(can be found everywhere in London, still think it's a bit hypocritical)
I looked for the 'over the top'-one, but couldn't find it