Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long needed update

Due to a lot of things to do, paired with a needed rest from blogging, paired with some nasty night/day-shift switching (I've come close to sitting on the flesh of my teeth as they would say in Belgium), paired with music and recording I haven't come to blogging recently. I'm not making any excuses, I'm just saying.

When I got back in London, it was cold, lots of snow, ice and traffic jams. Obviously, I didn't mind.

Visited the british museum.
(Cleopatra, still find it a bit awkward, I reckon they'd better leave all those people were they where left)
(the rosetta stone)

(Easter Island dude)

(Personally know somebody who would like some statues from this room in his garden/home)

On cooking:
(Shepards pie, I didn't cook it, but is was great)

(Classy, eh?)

(one of the best results up until now)

(grilled pasta, discovered the oven)

(what you get when you lend some matches to a desperate neighbour on his girlfriend's birthday, very nice)

At college, we got introduced into the next studio, the SSL G-Series room.
Analog is the main focus, with a genuine 24 multi-track tape recorder. It's quite a procedure, but you can actually sync up the desk with a mac and the tape. It's like magic. And it sound like.. real tape. Allready put 3 songs on my reel and mixed one down. Really nice experience.
(my 15mins reel, great to actually hold and handle sound, instead of looking at a hard drive)
(ssl, the industry standard, with too much lights on, just for show)
(the whole thing, working it is like solving a constantly changing puzzle, good fun. Also, note the 80's SSL computer)
(you gotta love working this, I even did some tape-editing)