Friday, December 4, 2009

Masters of war - Bob Dylan

Couldn't find the live version which is even better, but this will do.

It keeps on surprising me how much hate Dylan was able to put in this song.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I got the chance to go to TEDxLondon!

And so I went, got there Just in time, pouring rain and extended diner times almost interfered.(not my photo)
Very nice organisation, very nice venue.
An inspirational talk by Ben Keene. He started his own 'tribe' on an island without anything to start with but the idea itself.
Chris Williams talked about the use of computers in engineering, and why they aren't always positive for creative thinking.
Rachel Wingfield spoke about how growing food in city environment can be a positive experience.
Michael McGrath talked about micro-loans that help poor women start up there own little businesses in Africa. Not the most sexy talk, but probably about the project with the most practical results.

I could go into depth about there talks, but that probably wouldn't be much fun to read. Here you can find more info if interested.

Anyhow, I felt privileged to be able to attend the evening as it had the whole TED atmosphere going on. That and the fact that the whole TEDx-movement will only keep on growing. Tickets where very hard to get (sold out minutes afte being available), hope I will be able to get hold of some again in the future.

On another topic,
As a lot of people probably have heard of by now, I've recently had the unpleasant experience of been robbed (cell phone, mp3-player, some money). I was somehow able to talk the robbing duo into returning my wallet as my ID (and other cards) where in there. I normally never carry my ID but I needed it the day before.
Anyway, no real harm done. It did leave me a bit shaky though, you don't expect knives to show up, especially as it happened just outside my college-pub. But I do think I'll be alright, it makes you more suspicious about others in public places though. In a strange way I actually feel kind of sorry for the duo. Cheers to all the people who got my mind of things.

I was going to post the whole story on how the pub owner got in touch with the police afterwards and on how it took me several trips down-town to get hold of somebody from the robbery-squad. But that's not really the point so I left it out.
The real point being the fact they (very likely) arrested the robbers (because of the fact robbing girl-boy-duos are very rare). So, thumbs up to the Islington Robbery squad. It doesn't really solve problems, but it surely ain't a bad thing either.

On another note,
I made pizza, there's no such thing as too much cheeze.

On yet another note,
It feels like it's freezing cold these days, walking around London.

On another note,
I'm of for another practical session night-shift.