Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer switch

Somebody seems to have flicked a 'summer switch' for the area around London! Nice.

It's peculiar, everybody has there own personal 'heavens', not meant in any deistic way, rather the einsteinian view. Simple things. Some examples, personally:

- playing a well-rehearsed gig with a band
- working (hard) with friends to make something happen that people appreciate (ex camp site werchter c3, chiro, pant-less-rock)
- seeing people go crazy over music when you hold the controls
- going jogging with people and just talk
- doing something you don't usually do, even better, convince other people to do something they don't usually do
- having a drink at a place where people know you and you know the people
- just going for a walk
- having an in-dept discussion an coming to a conclusion
- sitting outside in the summer, but in the shade
- writing something that says it all
- making a complex (audio-)system work, just for one day, just at one place
- putting time and effort in something, being pushed, exceeding what you thought was possible and having a physical result.
- cooking with/for people
- going away for the week-end
- dumdumdum..

It's remarkable how these things are almost never about money (you need it though).
Now, how to distill this..

(Try it for yourself, rather revealing )

On other unrelated news: my first flatmate moved out due to a bad exam, he's gonna try again next year.. Too bad, he studied very hard, got up early every morning, went to bed early every evening. Hope I'll see him around sometimes.

(Watching 'Capitalism: a love story', a bit over the top M Moore, but what an insight)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



As amazing today as when I first saw it during the live-stream. I hope he has it the right way 'round.

William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heaven and Hell

Today Mr. B told me about the loss of a singer who's voice can be described as one of the most powerfull in the history of early metal. He was still going strong, as a live performer and as an inspiration, whenever you needed some motivation/inspiration/believe, until today that is.

To be played at Maximum volume
(HQ version)
12 I by proosttom

We'll miss him

Got it!

Managed to get hold of my parcel!

Finally was able to get the Sennheiers HD-25 II. Amazing, like removing a pillow from in front of your speakers (or headphones in my case), like putting on glasses but for sound. No more philips SHP2500! Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.
Also, all-out on food:

(spinache & tuna)

(shrimp stir fry)

(marinated chicken & couscous)
note: don't drink water after couscous like I did.

It's strange how I learned to eat stuff in the UK that I never used to try back in Belgium (shrimps, figs, curries, asparagus, mussels come to mind). (Also, I figured it out: don't buy crap -> don't eat crap)