Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So I went on a citytrip.

The british museum of science was great! No entrance fee, 5 floors, thousands of items, rockets, computers, cars, iron lungs, dna, steam engines, an euthanasia machine (no, really)...
Really nice.

After my visit I had a walk through Hyde Parc (it's absolutely Huge!). The hot chocolat at Lido was a must (burned my tongue though). There was the Diana memorial fountain, the stereotype joggers and skaters, dozens of squirrels, hundreds of people just having a stroll.
It's a real stress-absorbing, perfectly maintained, stereotypical english, autumn-ish parc.

School is alright, I've got a bit of a head-start on most courses though. No complaining here!

Offcourse, the latest creations:

(almost as good as the pasta at home..)

(cauliflower, chipped & baked potatoes, tomato, herbs)

(this week's winner: peas, carrots wokked, chipped potatoes)

Managed to squize-in a visit to piccadilly circus (just for the fun of it):


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  2. Got you! :P
    Great to finaly read something

    Should I just tell the others too, or let them search a bit more?

  3. let them search, you may share the tips though

  4. AHA found you mate:D, first non-family member thanks to some tips of your bro'. Nice pics man and according to the blog it seems your having fun, glad to read that. And it also appears that you can cook nicely too. Keep having fun and good luck with school. Cya november 14th!!

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  6. Wel wel :), nice, it was between you an ldb. Make sure you comment some stuff 'bout the famous hei, I'll be reading.

    Tickets for 14/11 are ordered.