Friday, October 30, 2009

Practical session

-imagine yourself having to worry about nothing else but sleeping, eating, going to college-
(and posting packages, picking-up credit cards, having people over..)
Recap on the last three days:

Tuesday, getting up, going to class (3pm), going home (6pm) on 45m busride, making dinner, getting back to college for attending practical session (9.30pm), getting home on early bus after practical session (6am), sleeping 'till noon, getting up, going to class ...

It goes on like that 'till Friday.

After three all-nighters I spend a lot more than the necessary practical hours in the studio, but still, think I'm gonna join another classmate tonight from 0am. Jolly good fun.

I'll sleep on Saturday and Sunday.

People recognising certain Lennon cd's belonging to them, it got lost in my cd-case, I'll try to bring it home with me as soon as possible

-running of to catch bus-

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  1. That last week sounds like one you'd really enjoy (and probably are enjoying) :-)

    About the picture, those knobs in the background look like :-O