Wednesday, November 25, 2009


-this post has been delayed for quite a while due to too much stuff going on, but here it is at last-

(feltham church)

After an anonymous tip from somebody from HQ of Heikant's own Queen-base I decided to go on a trip to Feltham (it's not particularly close to South-Tottenham). Feltham is the birth-town of Brian May and the english home-town of Freddie Mercury.

The first permanent english memorial to Freddie was going to be revealed.
Offcourse, I had to be there (second row !).

Honoured guests: Freddie's mother, family and Brain May.
Also, Mercury, world's most renowned Queen tribute-band, played a free gig (only saw one song because I wanted to get a nice spot at the unveiling)

Funny thing: The security people told everybody to go to the parking lot where Mercury was playing, there was a large video screen set up, so everybody could follow the ceremony from there. Spots at the unveiling-site itself where scarce.
But then again, if I wanted to see the event on a screen, I could just as well have stayed at home and watched on my laptop.. So I stood my ground and waited, with some very pleasing results.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

(Freddie's mother giving a speech)

(Freddie's memorial star)

(Brian M, crowd close-ups don't get much better than this)

(Yes, it was kind of a upheaval)

(What it was all about. Freddie Mercury, "Lover of live, singer of songs")

Freshly restocked fridge, I'm calling mtv cribs.

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