Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taking water

This was hanging on the door across the hall, luckily our kitchen didn't take any water.

On the other hand,
my window was tilted during the night, so normally the window should have still been reasonably waterproof.
When I got up I noticed a wet spot under my desk, and literally a pool of water on my desk.

How come?
Water entered through the split of the window, onto the window-ledge, onto the corner of my desk. It then spread about a meter on my desk, so this was what I found:My laptop was positioned directly in the middle of the puddle.. (removed on photo for obvious reasons)

Bit of a panic, removed everything, dried, cleaned, opened up laptop to check for water.

The amount of water removed, only by scraping it from the desk with my hand:

Eventually, everything still seems to be working.
I now reinforced the window-tile with towels, just in case.

On a positive note: finally got my hands on a masher, so much for making 'pekesstoemp' with a fork, fiew.

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