Sunday, December 6, 2009

From the vaults

A photo I've been meaning to post for quite a while, but I never got to it.
It's from my weekend in Belgium, which dates from November (thank you very much(!), Hulldown).

I've left the Chiro behind, but nevertheless I still feel quite bonded with it, as is has been a part of my life for about 16 years or so..

Anyway, I got to do a bit of a 'guest-appearance', which was a very strange but nice thing to do actually.

So, I told the assembled Chiro from the Hei that nobody in London seems to know what Chiro is, or what it is all about. You could call it scouting, but that's a bit of a different thing. You could call it boy-scouting, but that has got quite a lot of negative meaning to it.
So, I asked to take a picture of Chiro Heikant so I would be able to show Londeners what Chiro is all about.

The result can be seen below.
Too bad my camera lens isn't of the best quality and not everybody that should be on there is on it. But you get the gesture.


  1. Is chiro something of Belgium? Than you can introdiuce it into London :p. And who is more perfect than our real chiro man Prokke.
    I didn't realized the fact that we realy miss you here. And I think that I speak for many people here when I say in my 'gebrekkelig' English: WE MISS YOU! Ok now that is said, I have a small anacdote: Koen Bellmans has no nail anymore on his thumb :). He can tell you the story beter. Just to keep you posted of the small things of the 'Hei'.

  2. Thanks Silke, looking forward to seeing you guys again to. See ya soon!