Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alchemea recordings

Sometimes we end up as musicians instead of recording engineers, sometimes we end up as both, some of the early alchemea recordings:

Wel Hey (master) by judasproost

Recording from part I. Featuring me and TK
Re-recording an old song I once wrote.

Happy song (HD Mixed and Mast) by proosttom

Alchemea concept-recording, 'The one night band' song written in the moment.
Tim Wheeler on vocal/bas, Guy Dean on drums, Tom Proost on guitar/vocal. It's quite funny when English people do backing vocals on your Dutch lyrics..

I might end up making a more composed version of the same song later on, but for now..

NOT mixed/edited by me!!

Good fun.

Amazing mixing lecture last week, learned so much, feel like I have to re-do everything I've done..


  1. Nice songs. I like the lyrics on the second one :-). And is it me, or has your singing also improved?

  2. Thx. It's probably the recording and the fact that the vocals are chopped up and put back together