Monday, May 31, 2010

That day on the Thames

Every now and than, everything seems to cluster together: practical session 'till 7am the previous day, tons of mail to answer, city trip at 1pm, people who seem to have agreed on all talking to you at exactly the same time, laundry, dishes piling up, things to arrange.. luckily it's all good fun really.

Today, on the Thames, visited the HMS Belfast (comissioned 1939's). Always have had kind of fond memories of this vessel, for youthful miniaturistic reasons.

(the correct one Pp?)
(on board pharmacy)
(bite the bullet)

Earlier trip, Buckingham P. on a stereotypical cloudy day.

In the studio with GuilioDJ (on the euphonics CS3000) the person who embodies everything that disco music represents. Good laughs while trying to mix a fellows multitrack.

Home made brew.

Station Court, less than 4 weeks and counting.. !

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