Saturday, December 18, 2010


Got up this morning, snow is poring down like I've almost never seen before.
This is the kind of situation when London shuts down, completely.

The fact that everybody's traveling home to their families for Christmas isn't helping the situation much either.

Current weather forecast:
- light snow
- heavy snow x4
- light snow x 2
- clear sky
- mist.
Temperatures from -4 - 0 Celsius.

Traffic news:
- live road incidents: 31 roads
- live public transport incidents: 20 busses.

Hundreds of drivers spent much of the night stuck on the M6 in Greater Manchester, amid disruption on the roads, railways and airports.

Gatwick Airport shut its runway until 1500 GMT, and British Airways cancelled all Heathrow flights until 1700 GMT.

Heavy snow warnings are in place across the UK, with "very heavy" alerts for London, the Home Counties and Surrey.

BA advised all passengers on BA flights during times affected not to travel to Heathrow on Saturday, and warned of severe disruption at all London airports.


Yesterday I had my last day of term, we ended the day with a couple of drinks at 'the mucky pup', the college's favorite watering hole.
So today I'm at home, warm, inside. Nice. I kinda still like snow..

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