Monday, October 19, 2009


Yesterday evening we where going to make dinner (pasta offcourse) with some people from downstairs. That was gonna be it.

Instead arround 6 the fire alarm went of (again), in every room (imagine the constant loudness of a train passing by in every room). So we had to stand in the cold for about an hour (!) before the fire department came to shut it down. If there's ever a real fire going on.. actually it's not even funny.

Made pasta for 5 instead of 2/3 people, luckily we have an industrial-sized stash of dry pasta.
Talking 'till 1 am.

So much for doing anything else, but it was worth it.

On another note, these are the posters hanging on the advertising boards in my neighbourhood and all over the city (probably wherever there aren't any tourists).
"This campaign targets the small minority who break the law" - Home Office minister David Hanson
Makes you think.


  1. that was an "happy" meal with obstacels!!!

  2. I finnaly found your blog!! But now I have to type englisch. To speak it ok, but type englisch that's an onther story. So sorry for the many mistakes. I've already red everyting in your blog and I will follow your adventre. I look foword to our trip to england. And maybe you can cook something for us. I looks good what you are making. Greetings from the Mariën residential.

  3. Hi there, its been a while! Looking forward to see you guys coming over some day. Quick question: how did you find the blog?

  4. Your dad said that the tip "synonym for Londen" was excualy not that good, but that you had to translate the word. And Steven helped me by saying that you can find blogs on google (I didn't kno that). And the rest was al by me :).

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  6. We're gooood. I'll be your personal stalker from now on. It's nice to read that you're doing so well. & Like the loudest member of the Mariën residential already mentioned: the food you make looks reeally good!
    Anyway, enjoy the bumpy bus rides and the fire alarms. You'll probably miss them someday.(Baz Luhrman would say Amen to that)

    Be well!

    Oeh you should try the risotto with st. jacobs fishy things sometime. Wonderfull!