Friday, September 25, 2009

Right thén left

Basic rule for getting arround: first look right, then left, first right, thén left.
I keep on repeating it in my head, and I keep on forgetting it when crossing..

2 goals for today:
- finally opening an UK bank account for financials
- doing the 'tourist' thing

Goal one didn't go as planned as the local branch kept having computer problems. I was sent over to another branch, had to fill out a form, they will get in touch when the system will be able to properly process my enquiery..
If it was possible to send me an e-mail? No, we don't use the internet, we'll give you a call on your cell phone. London banking '09 for you all.

Goal two was much more of a joy. I took the piccadilly tube to covent garden where I mingled with the tourists.

That's what you call a classic london-shot for you. After covent garden my battery died so below you can see all the photos of my tour..

After covent garden I went to St. Paul's cathedral, walked the millenium bridge, saw the tower bridge, had a look at tate modern and ate my lunch trying to find finsbury park (got lost in the neigbourhood and returned because of tired feet). Talking about a london's day out.

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