Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day off

What a plan.

Stayed in bed till half past ten, set up my guitar, had lunch, went to the store to get vegetables, cooked (rosmary-thym-potatoes with turkey and tomato sauce).

By the way, the biscuits around here aren't what you would expect. It's not just biscuit, its two biscuits patched together by a generous layer of pure butter. Just one will make your hunger disappear.

I was about to do the dishes when the fire alarm went off in the flat-block next door, which seems to be a convenient way to get to know people.
It was arround 20pm. Right now (three hours later) it's still doing it's thing.. I guess the dishes will have to wait 'till tomorrow.

As you might notice, I've got to much time on my hands. This will very likely end when my course starts on monday. Untill then I'll be on vacation.

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